Microsoft Excel Test

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Use our Microsoft Excel Test to gain a more thorough understanding of your candidates’ proficiency at using Excel. As it is the world's most commonly-used spreadsheet application and a hugely popular part of the Microsoft Office suite, proficiency in this area is highly sought after by employers. Our online Excel test uses interactive questions to quiz a candidate and test their aptitude at using the software in a professional setting. 

Microsoft Excel Test

What is the Microsoft Excel Test?

The Microsoft Excel test has been designed specifically to assess an individual's skill and ability to perform tasks within a simulated Microsoft Excel environment. This assessment provides an online environment that closely mimics the look, feel and functionality of the original software.

By allowing tasks to be carried out in a similar way to that which can be seen in the original version of Excel, the Excel test will be familiar to candidates. It will evaluate and provide an accurate measure of a candidate's Excel ability, by testing their ability to work with spreadsheets. This includes formatting cells, calculating formulas, and organising, analysing and visualising data. 

Candidates taking this online Excel test are presented with 15 questions which they need to complete. Each question has been allocated a time limit, typically 60-80 seconds, depending on their complexity. The candidate’s responses are automatically marked and a point is awarded for each correctly answered question. Skipped questions or those left blank will result in no point being awarded. Practice questions are also available to give candidates an environment in which to warm up, without facing time pressure.

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 20 minutes available
  • 15 minutes average completion time
  • 15 questions presented
  • 80 questions in pool

Who is the Excel Test aimed at?

Accountants, administrative assistants, financial analysts, project managers, are all ideal candidates for the Excel test, as each of these roles involve working closely with data and require an advanced knowledge of spreadsheets. However, as the large majority of roles include working with Microsoft Excel in some format, the list of candidates for the Excel test is extensive. 

Microsoft Excel Test

3 Microsoft Excel Test Levels Available

Three different levels of the Excel test are available, and each is used to test different levels of ability. These exam levels are Basic, Intermediate and Expert. The more challenging levels will cover new material and expand on exam criteria from previous levels.

01 Basic Level

In this Excel assessment, candidates are required to understand the principles of Microsoft Excel and demonstrate that they are able to completely navigate the software, use Excel functions, create and save work, and perform essential and common daily tasks.

This skills test level is appropriate for a candidate who has basic Excel knowledge, uses MS Excel daily as a simple spreadsheet application and has access to assistance if required.

02 Intermediate Level

In this assessment, candidates are required to understand the concept of Microsoft Excel and demonstrate that they are able to perform tasks that are frequently required for more advanced cell calculations, cell formatting and setting changes.

This Excel skills test level is an appropriate assessment for a candidate who regularly writes templates, interactive tables, charts and formulas.

03 Expert Level

In this Excel assessment test, candidates are required to be highly proficient in using Microsoft Excel. They must be able to change permission settings, understand advanced macro commands, lookups, pivot tables, excel shortcuts and complex formulas. This test builds on the requirements of the lower level tests by increasing the amount of answers needed and the knowledge required to complete the task within the given time.

This level is an appropriate assessment for a candidate who is expected to use MS Excel autonomously, who needs to understand a greater scope of the software's capabilities.

Why use a Microsoft Excel Test?

There are certain skills that are invaluable, in almost all areas of business, and MS Excel is one of them. As the majority of employees carrying out any sort of administrative function will need to use Excel at some point, having a proficiency in this area is essential.

Filter candidate applications

Our Excel test gives you the chance to assess an individual's ability to effectively use formulas within Excel documents, and allows you to see their MS Excel competency and real-world use. By taking the test, your candidate can gain a feel for what will be expected of them if they are to be successful and join your team.

By using this pre-employment Excel skills test you are able to refine your list of applicants by their ability to demonstrate the use of Excel formulas and cell formatting skills. This excel assessment is great for testing basic skills in using Excel spreadsheets and can provide you with the information you need to make a calculated decision for your organisation.

Filtering candidates in this way will not only speed up your hiring process, as your applicant pool will be decreased by not interviewing candidates without the skills required for the role, but you will also, in turn, improve your company's efficiency, as the candidates that you do go on to hire will be much more likely to adequately take to the work required.

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