Microsoft Outlook Test

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Outlook is arguably one of the most important elements of the Microsoft suite, so having a comprehensive understanding of the technology's main functions is needed in just about any job role.

Use our Microsoft Outlook test to gain an understanding of your applicants' proficiency at Microsoft Outlook, the part of the Microsoft Office suite used for managing information. As this piece of Microsoft technology is so heavily relied on by users, aptitude in this area is paramount.

Many companies use Outlook as a multi-user software for shared functions such as arranging calendars, sharing folders and documents, and scheduling appointments. This pre-employment Microsoft assessment tests a user's competency with Microsoft Office, it will make clear to any recruiter the applicant's ability in each of these areas.

Microsoft Outlook Test

What is the Microsoft Outlook Test?

The Microsoft Outlook test is designed to assess an individual's ability to use Outlook effectively and to perform tasks within a simulated Microsoft environment that looks and feels just like the real thing. 

More than just an email application, Outlook is used to manage calendars, organise contacts, track tasks, store files and more. A huge part of Microsoft Office, so much is included in the application, so much that it is seen as an essential app for any office worker that can greatly improve a user's productivity and efficiency. By having job applicants take our assessment, you will ensure that those who you consider hiring for the role have the skills needed to be efficient in their role. 

Candidates taking this Microsoft Outlook assessment are presented with 15 questions to complete. Each question has been allocated a time limit, typically 60-80 seconds, depending on their complexity. Candidates' responses are automatically marked and a point is awarded for each correctly answered question. Skipped questions or those left blank result in no point being awarded. Practice questions are also available, giving candidates an environment in which to warm up, without facing time pressure.

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 20 minutes available
  • 15 minutes average completion time
  • 15 questions presented
  • 80 questions in pool

Who is the Microsoft Outlook Test aimed at?

The Microsoft Outlook test should be used by anyone who will need to communicate via email as part of their role, but as the application is also widely used as a productivity tracker, just about everyone will make use of the software, so it is very important to have the skills needed to use it effectively.

Microsoft Outlook Test

3 Outlook Test Levels Available

Three different levels of the Microsoft Outlook test are available and are used to test various levels of ability. These exam levels are Basic, Intermediate and Expert. The higher levels will assess new skills and cover new material, but they will also expand on topics covered by previous levels, calling on more advanced knowledge.

01 Basic Level

In this assessment, candidates are required to understand the principles of Microsoft Outlook and demonstrate they are able to completely navigate the software, send and receive emails, create new appointments and perform essential common daily tasks. 

This level is appropriate for a candidate who uses MS Outlook daily as a basic personal information manager and communication application and has access to assistance if required.

02 Intermediate Level

In this assessment, candidates are required to understand the concept of Microsoft Outlook and demonstrate that they can perform more advanced tasks.

This level is appropriate for a candidate who may need to export information to other programs, prioritise email, customise categories and manage diaries on the behalf of other people.

03 Expert Level

In this assessment, candidates are required to be highly proficient in using Microsoft Outlook and demonstrate can change permission settings, send advanced automated messages, configure advanced settings to personal preferences and use advanced calendar functions. This test builds on the requirements of the lower level exams by increasing the number of answers needed and the depth of knowledge required to complete the task within the given time.

This level is appropriate for a candidate who is expected to use MS Outlook autonomously and understand the majority of tools available. 

Why use a Microsoft Outlook Test?

Although Microsoft Outlook is primarily used for sending email messages, Outlook also includes many other functions that call upon varying levels of skill.

Assess skills efficiently

By using our Microsoft Outlook simulation, you can learn whether your applicants have these skills that are so essential, before inviting them to interview. By filtering out candidates who are unable to operate the software effectively, you will shorten your recruitment process and maximise the efficiency of not just your recruitment, but of your organisation's processes as a whole. 

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