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Most roles and workplaces nowadays require some level of computer-based typing, data manipulation, note-taking and/or presentation skills. 

The most common roles that require efficient PowerPoint skills include administrative, executive and accounts assistants, interns, sales, marketing, creative roles (such as graphic designers and writers) and managers. As you can see, presentation skills are a must-have at a whole host of levels within a company, so regardless of your field or niche, testing the PowerPoint skills of your current and future employees is always a good idea.

The Microsoft PowerPoint test has been created to test a candidate’s ability to use PowerPoint to assemble a presentation and make modifications to text and slide layouts. It also tests a candidate’s PowerPoint ability on the grounds of creating specialised presentations and converting presentations into different formats.

There are plenty of reasons why your business would benefit from incorporating a PowerPoint skills assessment into your next recruitment phase or round of employee development days. 

Microsoft PowerPoint Assessment

What is the Microsoft Powerpoint assessment?

Our PowerPoint skills test is designed to assess an individual’s ability to perform basic, intermediate or expert tasks within a simulated Microsoft PowerPoint environment. The test platform has been constructed to closely mimic the look, feel and functionality of Microsoft's original PowerPoint software, meaning you get a realistic indication of your candidate's skill and experience with the platform.

Candidates are presented with 15 questions to complete. Each question is assigned an allocated time to complete; typically 60-80 seconds, depending on the complexity of the question presented. The candidate’s responses are automatically marked and a point is awarded for each correctly answered question. Skipped questions or those that are not taken will result in no point being awarded.

The functionality is fair to candidates as it allows the tasks to be completed in a familiar way using menus, buttons, left clicks, right clicks and keyboard shortcuts in a way that they are most accustomed to. Practice tests are also available.

We know not everyone has extensive training in using PowerPoint, and not every role requires expert PowerPoint creation skills. That's why we developed three levels for our PowerPoint skills test: basic, intermediate and expert. This way, our assessment allows you to effectively measure the Microsoft Office skills of employees and applicants at varying levels within your company, as well as tailor your recruitment tests to the role being hired for. 

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 20 minutes available
  • 15 minutes average completion time
  • 15 questions presented
  • 80 questions in pool

3 Levels Available

Across our three tests, candidates will be assessed on a variety of key PowerPoint tools and features, from basic to advanced skills. These include adding slide animations, inserting transitions, formatting elements, customising slideshow colour themes and altering file settings.

01 Basic

In this test candidates are required to understand the principles of Microsoft PowerPoint and demonstrate they are able to competently navigate the software, create and save their work, and perform essential daily tasks.

This level is appropriate for a candidate who uses MS PowerPoint as a basic slide show presentation application and has access to assistance if required.

02 Intermediate

In this test, candidates are required to understand the concept of Microsoft PowerPoint and demonstrate their ability to perform tasks that are frequently required for more advanced formatting and setting changes. 

This level is appropriate for candidates who frequently write more complex presentations with animations and slide effects. 

03 Expert

In this test candidates are required to be highly proficient in using Microsoft PowerPoint and demonstrate they are able to change permission settings, create specialised presentations and convert presentations to different formats. This test builds on Core by increasing the rarity of the tasks tested and the depth of knowledge required to complete the task within the given time.

This level is appropriate for a candidate who is expected to use MS PowerPoint autonomously and understand the majority of its tools and software capabilities.

Why Use a Microsoft PowerPoint Skills Test?

Our PowerPoint assessments allow 60-80 seconds for completing each question, with each correct answer being awarded a point. The final assessment score can therefore give you a realistic idea of your candidates' speed when it comes to formatting a slide or creating an entire presentation.

Enhance your presentations

There's undeniable power behind a great presentation. Boring, bland and basic presentations simply don't convert into sales, clients, service development or increase engagement. PowerPoint assessments ensure the quality of your business presentations by filling your workplace with highly skilled PowerPoint users.

Look even more professional

Adding a smooth slide transition, simple animation or a slideshow colour theme that is consistent with your branding can take your business to the next level and leave your audience eager to work with you. 

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