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Designed to test an individual’s mental arithmetic ability by being presented with short mathmatical problems.


Our Designed to test an individual’s ability to determine the answer to numercal scenarios with the aid of a calculator.

Numerical Comprehension

Designed to test an individual’s ability to extract numerical information and data from charts and tables with the aid of a calculator.

What are Numeracy Skill Tests?

This module is designed to test a candidate’s numeracy skills, i.e. the ability to understand and work with numbers in a professional setting.

Our collection of Numeracy Skill Tests enable you to identify and evidence candidate skills at the level you require within your organisation.

Covering a range of skills, this module can be used in a number of ways. From identifying mathematical knowledge such as how to extract data trends from charts and tables, to basic maths without using a calculator.

The testing process is fast, efficient and will give you confidence to make smarter hiring decisions. To see the tests in action, you can arrange a free demo.

Why should I use Numeracy Skill Tests?

Regardless of the job role or industry, having numeracy skills is a fundamental requirement for most positions. Whether that be having a basic knowledge of maths or a greater understanding of working with numbers for accounting roles, for example.

Our Numeracy Skill Tests allow you to assess an individuals skills at different levels depending on the role you are recruiting for.

You can choose between our Mental Arithmetic Skill TestNumeracy Test, Numerical Comprehension Skill Test or  Numerical Reasoning Skill Test. Alternatively you can use all the tests.

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