Typing Skills Test

Typing skills are essential in a wide range of occupations, from administrative positions requiring prompt data entry to customer support roles that demand quick and accurate responses. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that more and more employers are recognising the importance of testing typing skills during the hiring process.

Why test typing skills online

A typing skills test can identify those candidates who possess the necessary speed and accuracy to handle the demands of their roles effectively.

Testing typing skills online can greatly enhance your organisation’s recruitment process, simplifying your search for staff with proficient typing skills. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the ability to type to a high standard is essential in many job roles and industries. Typing skills tests can confirm a candidate’s speed, accuracy, and word per minute (WPM) count.

These assessments also showcase a candidate’s ability to multitrack, maintain concentration, and handle various types of software and communication tools that may be necessary for the role. Identifying candidates with strong typing skills ensures they will perform effectively in their roles and contribute to the overall productivity of your company.

What does a typing skills test involve?

When you choose to test typing skills online, you can choose from two distinct tests: speed typing and audio typing. Both assessments measure different aspects of typing proficiency. The speed typing test measures a candidate’s ability to type quickly and accurately, counting their keystrokes per minute and precision in text input.

The audio typing test evaluates a candidate's ability to transcribe spoken words into written text accurately. These typing tests allow organisations to assess candidates based on the specific job requirements, ensuring they possess the skills needed to meet the demands of the roles.

  • Typist
  • Personal Assistant
  • Journalist

Skills Tests

Typing skill tests assess an applicant’s ability to correctly enter and process data in any capacity or environment.

Audio Typing

This test is designed to evaluate an individual’s ability to transcribe a given recording quickly and accurately.

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Speed Typing

Use our typing speed test as part of your organisation's pre-employment hiring process to ensure you find candidates with good typing speed.

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Why test your typing skills at Skillsarena?

Testing typing skills can be a fantastic means of identifying the right candidates for roles within your business. More and more organisations are choosing our platform to test applicants’ typing abilities. Not only are our typing tests meticulously designed to evaluate candidates' proficiency in various aspects of typing, such as speed and accuracy, but our platform offers a user-friendly testing environment that employers and candidates can assess remotely.

At Skillsarena, we have a dedicated UK-based customer service team who are ready to address any concerns or queries you might have. This ensures a smooth testing experience for both you and your candidates.

To try a typing skills test first-hand, why not request a free demo and trial? Find out what to expect from our typing assessments and learn how they can integrate effortlessly into your recruitment process. Phone us on 0203 693 2201 or send an email to info@skillsarena.com to talk to a member of our friendly team.

Why should I use a typing test?

Are you recruiting for a Secretarial or Personal Assistant role?

What is the purpose of a typing skills test?

We have the typing tests you need for these recruitment processes. At a time when typing is mostly done on a phone screen, having the ability to type accurately and quickly on a keyboard should not be overlooked.

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