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Assessments Available

Speed Typing

Designed to test an individual’s ability to type a given passage of text quickly and accurately.

Audio Typing

Designed to test an individual’s ability to transcribe a given recording quickly and accurately.

What are Typing Skills Tests?

Typing Skill Tests enable you to identify and evidence candidate’s typing skills. Whether it be via audio with our Audio Typing Speed Test or by copying text either from a screen or printed document, to measure their speed and accuracy with the Speed Typing Test.

All the assessments within the Typing module allow you to assess an individual’s typing accuracy by measuring their Words Per Minute (WPM) score as well as their typing accuracy percentage.

If you’re hiring for a Legal clerical position, we also offer Typing Skill Tests which have been created specially for the Legal industry.

Why should I use Typing Skill Tests?

Are you recruiting for a Secretarial or Personal Assistant role? For these types of roles, an individual’s ability to type quickly and accurately is essential in order to complete their day-to-day work efficiently.

Typing Skill Tests assess an applicant’s ability to correctly enter and process data in any capacity or environment. Use one of our Typing Skill Tests as part of your recruitment process to help filter out those candidates who lack the typing skills you require.

To see the tests in action, you can arrange a free demo. Did you know we offer a large selection of other Skill Tests? For further information view  our complete library of skill tests.

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