Audio Typing Test

This test is designed to evaluate an individual’s ability to transcribe a given recording quickly and accurately. Audio typing in the workplace requires an individual to touch type rapidly, usually from dictation or recorded or live speech. This is a typing test assessing your ability to focus on the specifics of the content rather than the keyboard. Audio tests are typically longer than speed typing tests.

Audio Typing Test

What is the audio typing test?

Use our audio typing accuracy test to ensure you find candidates who are able to transcribe a recording quickly and correctly. This test will exercise a candidate’s typing speed as well as the accuracy and skill with which they transcribe the audio provided. Audio typing skills are key to many jobs, and by using our test, you can guarantee that your company will select only the candidates who are equipped to the task of audio typing with speed and accuracy.

Our typing test works to test an individual’s audio typing skills; that is, their ability to transcribe from an audio and type with speed. The test measures their words per minute and the general accuracy with which they type. Here’s how the typing test works:

Candidates are presented with 1 question to type on a keyboard in 5 minutes. The average completion time to type the audio is 5 minutes, because the test is designed to have more words than a candidate can type in the allocated time.

The candidate’s responses are automatically marked, and any error when typing will result in no point being rewarded for the whole word containing the error. The test measures a candidate’s typing proficiency by finding out their WPM (words per minute), which is their typing speed, and identifying the average correct words.

The typing test is designed to measure speed, listening, accuracy and transcribing competency.

  • Practice test available
  • 5 minutes allowed
  • 5 minutes average completion time
  • 1 question presented

Who is the Audio Typing test aimed at?

The skills of fast typing, accurate listening and attention to detail are valuable in many fields, but they are imperative for legal transcribers, assistants, audio typists and many other jobs. Our typing test is an invaluable tool for employers in any area requiring a combination of good listening, practice with a keyboard, high typing speed and accurate transcription.

The test is useful for employers looking to check that they hire candidates who are suited to the job of typing large amounts of information from an audio source with speed and accuracy. A candidate with good audio typing and a high WPM index is an asset to any work that requires correct audio typing.

A practice test is available for candidates who wish to practice their audio typing skills before taking a real test. Audio typing is a skill that rewards practice, so it is important that candidates are given the option to warm up before they work on the real pre-employment test. After all, candidates with the highest WPM will be those who have the most practice in typing and transcribing audio information, and who are most confident using a keyboard.

Audio Typing Test

Why use a Typing Test?

The ability to type with speed and accuracy from an audio source requires several skills: listening, attention to detail, practice with a keyboard and a high WPM index, or good typing speed.

Improve the hire process

By using this test, employers will have a valuable insight into which candidate is best suited to the role. For anyone looking to recruit for a job that requires the ability to type from audio, our typing test is a great tool for maximising a company’s productivity and improving the hiring process.

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