Testing in the Recruitment Process

When considering whether you should implement testing as part of the recruitment process, think about this fact. A bad hire costs a business on average £8,200, rising to £12,000 for senior managers or directors, states CIPD.

When it’s time to fill a vacancy, you want to be sure the person you recruit is the right one for the job.

Recruiting staff is a costly exercise so getting the hire wrong does not just cost the business money. You must also consider the loss of productivity, loss of knowledge, any costs to hire a replacement, as well as further training costs.

Case Studies
Learn in this video how organisations have saved up to £1.2m on recruitment by implementing different tools and tests as part of their recruitment processes.

Using testing in the recruitment process

Using testing in the recruitment process can help narrow out unqualified applicants. It can also allow employers to distinguish between those who are truly talented for the job role and who are unsuitable. As a result, you will be able to eliminate unqualified applicants and identify high-quality applicants.

It helps you as the recruiter to establish an individual’s skill levels or capabilities and their behavioural preferences. Whilst removing the risks of solely relying on a CV.

Four key benefits of using employment testing in the recruitment process


Incorporating employment tests into your current recruitment process will help you to highlight the best applicants. Testing as a selection method will allow you to reduce the number of applicants you receive down to a manageable number.

Not only will this save you time and money during the recruitment process, but it will also give you a more rounded picture of your candidates. Helping you get to know them before you’ve even met.

  • Time: Streamlines the process of selecting a new employee
  • Expense: Reduces the cost of recruitment
  • Talent: Identifies candidates most likely to add value to your business
  • Efficiency: Ensures the new arrival will fit the role and be productive


Incorporating pre-employment tests and tools into your recruitment process

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