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volume recruitment
what is volume recruitment

What is volume recruitment?

Volume recruitment is typically undertaken when organisations are looking to expand or restructure their workforce, looking for seasonal work staff or for roles that tend to have a large turnover of staff.

The roles required are often front-line, customer-facing positions critical for business success and brand building.

Volume recruitment demands two key things from your recruitment process- consistency and efficiency. If your process doesn’t have these then inevitably you will make poor hiring decisions.

For example, without consistency you will not be able to fairly compare applicants and without efficiency you will waste valuable time and resources.

why does volume recruitment present challenges

Why does volume recruitment present challenges?

High volume roles attract high volumes of candidates. It can be very difficult to identify the most suitable candidates from such a large applicant pool.

Individuals can now easily apply online for jobs regardless of whether they have the right skills or knowledge for the role. Recruiters are therefore often deluged with applications.

As a result, many organisations use quick and somewhat automated solutions to narrow down the applications with minimal consideration of the values they want candidates to represent.

According to Jobvite, a high volume recruitment role typically receives 250 or more applications versus the average job posting receiving 59 applications. Research by CEB:SHL state that 1 in 4 candidates apply to at least 10 or more roles per job search which has led to a 33% increase in volume of applications in the past three years.

increasing candidate quality

Increasing candidate quality

Using Skillsarena’s range of testing for volume recruitment, will allow you to accurately measure the key competencies of your applicants. You will also be able to filter out unsuitable candidates to ultimately allow you to make sure your new employees possess the right skills for the job.

We can help you shortlist your applicants for interview or even build a test component into an online application process that compiles instant results. Saving you time and money on reviewing submissions.

Not only that but a Skillsarena’s volume assessment package is a fantastic way to introduce candidates to your business, helping them to understand your brand values. We can design bespoke tests to suit the specific recruitment needs of your business and also offer a full range of personality profiling tools to analyse performance, behaviour and motivation. With Skillsarena you can get to know your potential employees before you hire them.

Tools available for volume recruitment
why choose skillsarena
Why choose Skillsarena?
We have been providing online assessments for recruitment and development purposes since 2001. We like to think we know a thing or two about pre employment testing!

Customer service is key to everything that we offer. We are a supportive, flexible and highly responsive team. Whether you are a small, local business or a global corporation, you will benefit from a consistent, single point of contact.

Not sure which test to use? We’d be delighted to offer you a consultancy service to help solve your recruitment challenges.

By becoming a customer, you will have access to our comprehensive library of over 100 skill tests which are ready and waiting to be used.

Here you will find more information about Skillsarena. You can also access our complete list of products and services.

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