Volume Recruitment

Objective assessments to identify the best talent from a high volume of applicants


High volume roles attract high volumes of candidates, so it can be very difficult to identify the most suitable candidates from such a large applicant pool that they tend to be overlooked.

With the ease in which individuals can now apply online regardless of having the right skills or knowledge for the role, means recruiters are deluged with applications, most of which will be unsuitable. As a result, many organisations used quick and somewhat automated solutions to narrowing down the applications with minimal consideration of the values they want represented in their candidates.

According to Jobvite, a high volume recruitment role typically receives 250 or more applications versus the average job posting receiving 59 applications. Research by CEB:SHL state that 1 in 4 candidates apply to at least 10 or more roles per job search which has led to a 33% increase in volume of applications in the past three years.

What is Volume Recruitment?

Volume recruitment is typically undertaken when organisations are looking to expand or restructure their workforce, looking for seasonal work staff or for roles that tend to have a large turnover of staff. The roles required are often front-line, customer-facing positions critical for business success and brand building.

Volume recruitment demands two key things from your recruitment process- consistency and efficiency. If your process doesn’t have these then inevitably you will make poor hiring decisions. For example, without consistency then you will not be able to fairly compare applicants and without efficiency will waste valuable time and resources.

Testing within Volume Recruitment

Increasing Candidate Quality & Retention

Utilising Skillsarena’s range of testing for volume recruitment, will allow you to accurately measure the key competencies of your applicants and filter out unsuitable candidates who lack workplace understanding to ultimately allow you to make sure your new employees possess the right skills for the job.

We can help you shortlist your applicants for interview or even build a test component into an online application that compiles instant results, saving you time and money on reviewing submissions that don’t make the grade.

Not only that but a Skillsarena volume assessment package is a fantastic way to introduce candidates to your business, helping them to understand your brand values and identity. We can design bespoke tests to suit the specific recruitment needs of your business and also offer a full range of psychometric evaluations to analyse performance, behaviour and motivation, which you can use to help them adapt into your current team dynamic. With Skillsarena you can get to know your potential employees before you hire them.

THE RESULT:   better quality of hire = increase in employee retention.

How Skillsarena can help you

Employing an effective screening process is essential. Online screening tools that measure for both position specific competencies and retention, enable employers to reduce the size of the candidate pool for a vacancy by applying criteria for the role at an early stage of the application process.

Skillsarena offer 3 main areas of testing that can be used as recruitment tools for volume applicants, to support you make the employee selection process simpler and more efficient. We are on hand to help you choose the most appropriate assessment tool(s) for your business needs.

Situational Judgement Tests

Our Situational Judgement Tests are bespoke and so help to indicate those applicants that are likely to behave and/or react to your specific work scenarios in a way that you need. By using scenarios that provide an accurate reflection of the role and the organisation these tools provide candidates with a realistic preview of the job and can actually help you reduce the volume as candidates sift themselves out and reduce the applicant pool.

Aptitude & Ability Skill Tests

Designed to access a candidate’s intellectual performance, Aptitude Tests give an indication of a candidate’s logic ability to process both verbal and numerical information. Ability Skill Tests are those that test basic competencies associated with essential work activities regardless of the actual job role such as Maths & Numeracy and English Language & Literacy.

Psychometric Testing

Once individuals have been sifted on their ability, in some cases a personality assessment can be the final tool to help define the applicant pool even further. Used correctly, Psychometric Tests allow employers to understand the candidate’s personality preferences, provide valuable additional information on an individual’s suitability for a role and whether they will be the right fit for the organisation’s values.

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