Explore the vast benefits of a partnership opportunity with Skillsarena

Skillsarena develops and manages world-class cloud-based talent assessment, management and personality measurement solutions. We provide our customers and partners with innovative solutions and industry-leading resources that enable them to make informed hiring decisions and select, develop and retain valued staff. 

Our Vision

We are excited to be building our Partner Services Network across all sectors, countries and industries. 

Well respected in the UK since 2001, we already deliver our exceptional services and streamlining solutions across many sectors and industries; including to local and national government, public sector organisations such as the NHS, private sector clients of all size enterprises, global retailers, financial and legal sectors and more! 

Now, we are looking to expand our offering to wider audiences, industries and sectors; both in the UK, Europe and beyond. We aim to achieve this by building strong connections and mutually beneficial partnerships with selected quality partners and industry leaders. 

Why Join Our Partner Programme?

Our market-leading assessment platforms and skills measurement resources allow organisations to:

  • Connect with high-quality candidates
  • Learn more about their existing team
  • Leverage their employee's individual skills and expertise
  • Streamline on-the-job training
  • Build a highly proficient team
  • Become more successful service providers
  • Maximise their revenue
  • Build an admired and enviable company community
  • Improve their market standing
  • Keep their customers content

A partnership with Skillsarena allows you to access all of these benefits and more. 

We offer our channel partners the opportunity to adopt and adapt our existing solutions to their sector or industry - providing them with exclusive technology and skills platforms. 

Partners will not only be able to offer solutions to their existing customer base, adding value and providing a unique selling point, but also leverage the opportunity to open new markets and entry points within their sector. This is a desirable place to be for any business who wishes to become an industry leader within their sector or country. 

To summarise, our partners will benefit from:

  • Direct access to experts, marketing material and technical support.
  • New opportunities to influence and guide future developments to grow products and services they are able to offer.
  • Instant, seamless adoption of the system.
  • White Label / Dual Brand.
  • Numerous integrations.
  • Language conversions.

... and can expect to:

  • Expand their services and value adds by adopting quality talent management solutions.
  • Generate additional revenue streams through generous commission structures.
  • Develop their own unique assessments for themselves, their clients and their market.
  • Deliver demonstrable ROI.

At Skillsarena we select our partners primarily by establishing a close match to our own business ethics and service orientation, as well as the scope of opportunity and capability for us to deliver quality products. Critically, the enthusiasm and desire for a close working relationship are key.

Any prospective channel partner of Skillsarena will have a similar ethos and values. Our brand is valuable to us and we trust our partners to adopt and respect it as they do their own. However, we do have some essential criteria that prospective channel partners must meet before being able to join our programme:

Registered Business

With its own territory and able to demonstrate all the relevant certificates and insurances.


Able to cover its financial obligations. 


Operating within the bounds of the relevant laws and regulations within its territory. 

Sufficient size and resources

While there are no exact restrictions on the size of the company that Skillsarena wishes to partner with, prospective channel partners must be able to clearly demonstrate that they are of a size sufficient enough to be able to commit the necessary resources involved in adopting and delivering our products and services. 

Our partners may be in any number of sectors, including:


Providing a professional service, consulting or training. 


Providing systems and/or workflow management such as HR systems or ATS. 


Does or could offer extended centralised services and/or benefits to its membership/subscribers.

Specifically, prospective channel partners would have identified a need whereby skills assessment platforms and/or the online technology and workflow that delivers them can be used to solve a problem and/or add value to their industry.

Interested? The Next Step

If you're interested in reaping the many rewards of joining our partner programme and feel as though your business meets all of our essential and desired criteria, we would love to hear from you!

Feel free to contact us or speak to our CEO Jason Pierce directly to arrange an informal discovery meeting where we can exchange ideas, explore commercials further and qualify the opportunities ahead. Contact Jason via email at