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Create Your Own Test

Create your own test or pre-employment quiz tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, workplace, and role. We will work, adapt and innovate alongside you to create quizzes and exams that help you to effectively evaluate potential employees to ensure that you are hiring only the best talent into your organisation.

What is a Create Your Own test?

Pre-employment testing is important. It offers you an opportunity to quiz and evaluate applicants early on in the recruitment process to ensure that the results of these personality tests, aptitude tests and more help you choose a candidate who is a right fit for the organisation.

However, when recruiting for roles that are less simple to evaluate—roles that require more than pre-built, out-of-the-box testing—bespoke quizzes, or Create Your Own tests, can be a much more favourable option and a better indicator of job performance.

If you can effectively describe the result you are seeking through testing, we have the expertise to create a quiz or any other testing experience that can effectively assess a candidate’s performance.

Our bespoke quizzes and exams can be made entirely from scratch and are the result of meticulous analysis and understanding of your needs as an employer. We will work alongside you to generate a pre-employment quiz that is perfectly suited to your testing preferences. We will go beyond the generic option to create your own test that will bring out the qualities in your applicants that are most important to your organisation.

We use a variety of different test types to help you begin data-driven hiring. Aptitude tests, personality tests, pre-employment testing scenarios and are just some of our capabilities. Alternatively, if your organisation is currently using paper-based tests—whether these be worksheets, flashcards, fill-in-the-blanks etc.—we can convert these tests into more efficient online versions.

As an employer, you may know the answers you are looking for when recruiting. At Skillsarena, our Create Your Own tests can help you find the questions that bring out these answers!

How we Create Your Own Test and Bespoke Quiz

Every bespoke test is entirely different to the next. Due to their customisability, a Create Your Own Test can take on just about any format possible, so needless to say, no client brief is the same. That being said, when creating quizzes, there is a standard process we follow – we divide this process into four unique stages:




We will take the time to understand your business, your priorities as an employer and the types of results you are hoping to receive from your quiz. We will learn about the skills you are hoping to assess, the question types you are hoping to use during testing and the exam marking criteria.




Our team will work alongside you to create a pre-employment test that that is uniquely your own. Employers can choose from numerous question types: multiple-choice, true or false, free format text options and more. Everything is customisable – this involves including branding and logos to uploading custom images, audio and video files and adding separate weightings to different questions.




In stage 3, we take your feedback on board to ensure that the test is as engaging as possible and that it will help with pre-hiring. By having a member of your internal team take the quiz, we will measure and review the results and outputs, testing how well these compare to your expectations and needs.




We will release the newly-created bespoke quiz onto your hosted platform and make it instantly available to use. You can expect to see applicants flying in as soon as possible!

Customer Success First

YWe take pride in delivering our quizzes and tests ‘right first time’ without having to make compromises. By using insights from psychometric science, we create highly specific bespoke tests that offer our customers immediate results. Take a look at some examples of a Create Your Own test that we have created in the past:

We worked with a leading High Street brand to produce a bespoke online chat simulator which assessed candidates’ ability to handle multiple online chats at once.

The system was designed and built from the ground up using a number of fast development tools.

By working closely with the client throughout, their bespoke test was delivered right first time, within budget and perfectly tailored to their needs.

Working for the law enforcement, we created bespoke assessments to measure critical records keeping, audio transcription accuracy and attention to detail.

The assessment was built on core system functionality and enhanced with additional capabilities to meet the unique needs of the police.

We worked closely with the police forces to incorporate highly bespoke content, configuring the marking criteria to their needs.

Bespoke Skills Testing Solutions

These are just examples of the truly individual, particular quizzes and exams we can create for clients. Are you recruiting for a particular, perhaps unusual role that requires a truly customised pre-employment test? We can help – get in touch to learn more about our bespoke tests today.

Why use a Create Your Own test?

Just as no two businesses are the same, the demands of no two roles are the same. Furthermore, ideal candidates for these roles will be extremely different, depending on who you ask. Unlike off-the-shelf pre-employment tests, bespoke assessments are designed for use by one employer, so are more specific and useful by definition. Bespoke tests can be more inclusive, they can analyse potential employees with greater specificity and they offer an unrivalled candidate experience, making them far more likely to produce the result that you are looking for – a perfect hire.

Indication of future performance

Bespoke tests are more likely to accurately project an employee’s future performance than standard pre-employment quizzes as they better reflect the needs of the position and employer in question. In turn, the testing of core skills and job-related capabilities required of quiz takers is more efficient also.

Save time

It’s no secret that recruiting staff can be an extremely time-consuming process. More often than not, an employer’s inbox will become flooded with applications when recruiting, many of which will not be suitable for the role. Bespoke quizzes reduce the candidate pool significantly, as questions will have been deliberated designed to be more specific as opposed to open-ended.

Increase the standard of hire

As the volume of applications you will have received will be lower, bespoke tests work as a sort of de-selection method. Even though you are likely to receive less applications, you can feel more confident knowing that your applicants will encompass the competencies, personality traits and aptitude you are looking for.

Test specific knowledge

Bespoke tests are perfect if you need to test knowledge when recruiting into a niche sector, measure competence in an unusual job function or check familiarity with key process skills specific to your vacancies.

Skillsarena is a specialist player in this field. We have a highly adaptive team who take pride in both designing and building a tailored solution to re-design your people-processes from the ground up and adding value to your existing methodology by applying our technology and expert insights.

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