Team Communication Workshop

team communication workshop
what is the team communication workshop

What is a Team Communication Workshop?

The Team Communication Workshop is an interactive and enjoyable team development session where you will learn how to create high performing teams.  It lasts for three hours, with up to 15 attendees and will be conducted at a location to suit you.

Two of the key learning outcomes include:

  • Understand who you are and how you are perceived in a team environment.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively depending on individual preferences and improve team meetings.

Although the sessions are highly structured with a clear goal, they are conducted in a fun and light-hearted way to ensure learning is taken on board and effective team development is instilled.

personality profiling eases recruitment process

Team Communication Workshop Steps

Before you take part in the Team Communication Workshop, all workshop participants will be asked to complete our Personality Profiling psychometric assessment tool. This is included in the cost of the workshop.

This will help participants understand themselves, understand others and improve communication by adapting to different behaviours.

It displays a clear personality profile of an employee’s strengths, weaknesses, working style and how these all fit together to produce an effective team.

By combining this personality profiling tool with our interactive team communication workshop, your team will be given a valuable learning experience about the importance of effective team working.

With a Team Communication Workshop you will
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