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team communication workshop
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Establishing a high performing team

Most workplaces will occasionally (or regularly) need to put high performing teams together to complete projects. It’s easy to set targets for achievement within a team, but not as easy to achieve those targets. One thing you can never prepare for is the array of variables brought into play by everyone on that team. 

Even if everyone wants to achieve good results, the interaction between team members who may be very different from each other will influence the outcome. 

To create high performing team, it is wise to understand the personality of each member. What makes them tick? How will they interact with each other? How can you get the most out of everyone on the team? 

establishing a high performing team

How to create a high performing team

There are four personality types you will notice within your team:

Logical and analytical
Loyal and conscientious
Determined and focused 
Positive and enthusiastic 

Different personality types often butt heads or interact well with each other. However, by understanding more about our fellow team members, we are all likely to get on much better. 

It’s natural for someone to expect everyone else to work the same way they do. We don’t normally consider differences until they appear. By taking part in our Team Communication Workshop, you will learn how to understand colleagues differences and discover how to get the most out of your team.

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team communication workshop

What is a Team Communication Workshop?

The Team Communication Workshop is an interactive and enjoyable team development session where you will learn how to create high performing teams.  It lasts for three hours, with up to 15 attendees and will be conducted at a location to suit you.

Although the sessions are highly structured with a clear goal, they are conducted in a fun and light-hearted way to ensure learning is taken on board and effective team development is instilled.

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Team Communication Workshop steps

Before you take part in the Team Communication Workshop, all workshop participants will be asked to complete our Personality Profiling psychometric assessment tool. This is included in the cost of the workshop.

With personality profiling, everyone on theteam will know how other people react and act given certain situations. The information does not seek to identify anyone as being above anyone else – rather, it seeks to inform and educate. 

Everyone in the team understands their positive and negative points. Understanding that someone else works or reacts differently to you helps everyone find common ground to work from. 


With our Team Communication Workshop you will
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