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audio typing skill test
what is an audio typing skill test

What is an Audio Typing Speed Test?

Often referred to as a listen and write typing test, our Audio Typing Speed Test is designed to test an individual’s ability to type a given recording quickly and accurately.

Candidates are presented with a spoken passage of text with audio controls and a text box. They are measured on their typing speed by characters and words per minute as well as their accuracy typing the audio provided.

Candidates are presented with one question to complete in five minutes.  Responses are automatically marked, no manual marking is required. An error when typing will result in no point being awarded for the whole word containing the error.

why should i use an audio typing skill test

Why should I use a Audio Typing Speed Test?

If you’re hiring for a position requiring typing skills, our listen and write typing test is for you.

Our Audio Typing speed Test is exactly what you need to ensure your job applicants have what it takes before you employ them. The test measures the candidate’s ability to record audio data effectively, consistently and accurately, as well as speed of completion. We’ve created a separate article on why this test should be used.

To see the test in action, you can arrange a free demo. Did you know we offer a large selection of other Skill Tests? For further information view  our complete library of skill tests.

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