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Video Interviewing

Meet the candidate with recorded

video responses to interview questions

What is Video Interviewing?

The Video interviewing question type brings the candidate to life and allows you to see their responses to your chosen questions.

You can choose from assigning pre-built questions or, we can help bespoke the interview with your own content and killer questions.

Candidates are presented with a question and asked to respond by recording a video. Each candidate can record 3 responses to each question and then are asked to upload their preferred version.

You can review responses on your own schedule and share with hiring managers and decision makers, really bringing the candidate to life before you spend time arranging face to face interviews.

what is video Interviewing

Using the Video Question Type 

Before inviting a candidate in for a face to face interview, you can review the candidates responses to your preset questions so that you can be sure, those candidates who your team spend time interviewing, share your company values and have the culture that your Organisation is looking for.

video interview step 1

Understand the role and what you would like to learn from your candidate.

video interview step 2

Select the questions you would like to ask the candidate, or upload your own. 

video interview step 3

The candidate is presented with your questions to record their response to.

video interview step 4

Review the candidates video content and score. You can have multiple reviewers.

Why use video Interviewing ?

why use rjp


Maximise your time with this highly efficient solution which enables you to review a large number of candidates responses to preset questions without the need to invite them into the office. Normally a task which would take an hour per candidate, can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, giving you 75% of your time back or the ability to see 3 times more candidates.  

As the candidate can login and record their answers at any time, you do not need to spend time trying to arrange diaries. It avoids the difficulty of candidates needing to book time off of work to attend an interview giving an excellent candidate experience. 

By reviewing pre-recorded video responses, it reduces the amount of time you need to spend with each candidate, giving you and your resources time to focus on a larger number of applicants. Reduce your time to hire and give yourself the best chance of ‘snapping up’  quality candidates before they are lost to the competition. 




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