Numeracy Skills Tests

Our Numeracy skills tests have been created to aid employers in gaining a stronger understanding of an individual’s aptitude for analysing and interpreting numerical data.

By having applicants take numeracy skills tests online as part of the hiring process, employers can guarantee that every potential hire has the numeracy skills required for the job.


What are Numeracy Skills Tests?

Our range of Maths exams is diverse, meaning that each area of your candidate’s maths ability can be tested. These tests can apply to applicants with any job function from any industry, not just those who work with numbers on a daily basis.

Each of the Numeracy skills tests you will find in this module has been designed to test a candidate's ability to comprehend and work effectively with numbers in a professional setting. For any job that requires basic maths and organisational skills, numbers are a big part of the role's functions.

Numeracy skills tests are standardised, online tests that offer employers an opportunity to identify the maths skill of their applicants prior to the interview stage. The tests involved in this Maths module cover a range of skills relating to mathematics, and will allow you to assess both specific and general aspects of your applicants' numeracy level.

Candidates's mathematical knowledge can be tested on their ability to extract data trends from charts and tables to completing basic maths problems without using a calculator.

The testing process is fast, efficient and will give you the information you need to make smarter hiring decisions that work best for you.

Why should I use Numeracy Skills Tests?

No matter the job role or the industry you are recruiting for, numeracy skills are a fundamental requirement of most positions.

By having candidates complete numeracy assessments, employers are able to save time during the hiring process, as they will only need to conduct interviews with candidates who have provided correct answers to questions as part of their numeracy test.

Our Numeracy Skill tests are aptitude tests that will allow you to assess an individuals numeracy skills at different levels depending on your needs. You can choose between our Arithmetic skills test, Numeracy skills test, or Numerical Comprehension skills test. However, if you'd like to measure every aspect of your candidates' numeracy, you can choose each of the maths tests we have available. 

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