Assessing Staff

assessing staff
assessing staff reduces cost of hire
Hiring the wrong candidate
Hiring the wrong employee can be costly. Employers who use testing when assessing staff make better hiring and development decisions.

They have a more comprehensive overall evaluation of the candidate. What’s more they are aware of any skill gaps before they decide whether or not to hire them.

Consider this fact:

A bad hire costs a business an average of £8,200


using testing when assessing staff
Using testing when assessing staff

Selecting the right candidates includes two main processes- shortlisting and assessing staff. It is a crucial stage in the overall recruitment process.

A vast number of applications may arrive, many of which will be unsuitable in some shape or form.

Selection is the process whereby you impartially reduce the number of applicants to a manageable quality candidate pool.

Using testing when assessing staff, allows you to objectively measure and select candidates based on their suitability of skills for the role.

Testing can also be used as part of a training need analysis when looking at ways to develop staff.

Benefits of assessing staff
recruiting employees funnel
Using testing when assessing staff
The Recruitment & Selection Funnel demonstrates a typical recruitment process when utilising pre-employment testing.

At the earlier stages, high volumes of candidates can be tested and sifted out in order to reduce the candidate pool size significantly. Then at the later stages, the focus turns to selecting the best candidates for the role itself.

At Skillsarena we can work with you at each stage by providing different products and services.

Tools available when assessing staff
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