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Skills Tests

A measure of a candidate’s true ability.

What are Skills Tests?

Professional online tests enable easy comparison of candidates during recruitment and for training needs analysis.

They can be applied at any stage of the recruitment process. Whether used to sift large application volumes or to provide a realistic overview of a role, they provide a consistent measure of key job based skills and abilities.

Skills Tests typically have “right and wrong” answers. Ultimately can be marked and given a score.

Alongside the candidates CV and any subsequent interview, you can ensure that you are making well-informed recruitment decisions.

Types of Skills Tests


An Aptitude and Cognitive Ability Test looks at problem-solving and logical understanding of a particular skill area.

Whether you need to measure verbal communication or numerical understanding, candidate’s apply their reasoning skills to interpret the information and use logic to determine the correct answer.


We define Core Skills as those which are fundamental and common to all roles across all industries and sectors.

These assessments ensure the individual has the appropriate level of Literacy, Numeracy and IT which are core to most roles. Where as many skills can be trained, some core skills are often much harder to develop.


Our Microsoft Simulations are designed to look, act and feel like the real thing, giving an accurate view of the candidates ability.

The design and functionality includes working menus/dropdowns and short cut keys with no downloads. This gives the candidate the best chance of “finding” the right answer as they would in the real world.


A suite of vocational job tests that have been aligned to reflect the specific skills and terminology for the industry/role.

Industries and roles such as Call Centre, Data Entry, Clerical, Legal, Finance and Accounting, RetailHousing, Logistics and many more are available. Providing you with a true reflection of capability in the given roles and sectors.

Why use Skills Tests?

For the cost of around 0.06% of an average salary, your investment in each applicant will deliver a significant return in investment.

Recruitment Testing enables you to objectively measure and select candidates based on their suitability for the role. The more suitable they are, the higher the chance of them being successful within your organisation and you will retain them for longer.

58% of Hiring Managers have said they have caught out a lie on a candidate’s CV. 

The typical cost of a recruitment error is 40% of the annual salary. 

21% of companies didn’t spend enough time to test candidate skills.

Most companies underestimate the cost of recruitment by 90-95%.

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