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Why use Skills Testing?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the number of applications you are receiving for a job vacancy? How do you sift through to find the ideal qualified candidates to make an informed hiring decision?

Or are you looking for ways to improve your existing staff’s development? Do you know what their current skill set is and the areas needed for improvement? Our online skills tests can help!

A professional skill recruitment test will assess individuals quicklyaccurately, and above all fairly.

Professional online tests also allow for easy comparison between candidates. These can be used to assess a candidate alongside their CV and any subsequent interview.  All of these elements will allow you to make a well-informed recruitment decision.

industry specific skill tests

Which statistical test to use

Whether you are testing one candidate or hundreds, we offer a vast range of professional online tests. These include aptitude skill testscore skill tests and vocational skill tests.

We have already created dedicated skill recruitment tests for specific industries including: retail skill testscall centre skill testslegal skill testsfinance skill testslogistics skill testsindustrial skill tests and housing skill tests.

Online Tests for specific job roles are also available including typing skill tests, in tray skill tests, health & safety skill tests and clerical skill tests.

Numerical skill tests and Verbal skill tests are aptitude tests used by recruiters and employers.

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Everything you need to know about Skillsarenas’ Skill Tests

Different types of professional Skill Tests

Benefits of using Skillsarenas’ skill tests

facts and figures on stress in the workplace

Interesting Facts & Figures on Skill Tests

58% of Hiring Managers have said they have caught out a lie on a candidate’s CV

The typical cost of recruitment error as a percentage of annual salary is 40%

21% of companies didn’t spend enough time to test candidate skills well enough before hiring

Our professional Online Tests can feature randomised or fixed questions, the choice is yours. What’s more the tests benefit from the largest question pool in the market which are regularly “refreshed”.

We can of course work with you to recommend which statistical test to use and can also bespoke our tests to meet your individual needs.

why choose skillsarena

Why choose Skillsarena?

We have been providing online assessments for recruitment purposes since 2001.

Customer service is key to everything that we offer. We are a supportive, flexible and highly responsive team. Whether you are a small, local business or a global corporation, you will benefit from a consistent, single point of contact.

Not sure which statistical test to use? We’d be delighted to offer you a consultancy service to help solve your recruitment challenges.By becoming a customer, you will have access to our comprehensive library of over 100 skill tests which are ready and waiting to be used.

Here you will find more information about Skillsarena. You can also access our complete list of products and services.

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